Monday, November 26, 2007

Back on Long Island

I'm back home on Long Island now. It never feels like I spend enough time with Jim, but I still need to be down here--at least for the time being--so for now, at least, I'm here. Oh well...

One of the things I did over the weekend was inventory some of my yarn stash. A while back I created an Excel spreadsheet so the I could inventory what I had and where it was stored. I brought some of the yarn up to Vermont to put in my fiber room, and as I was resorting some of it I thought, "geez, this seems to be an obscene amount of yarn."

It's not like I have dozens of potential sweaters in my stash, but a couple of skeins here and there really do seem to add up. So I have to ask the question--how much stash is too much stash?

Just some innocent sock yarn.

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Joanne a/k/a Punkin said...

No such thing as too much stash. I have a considerable amount but I do make an effort to use it! I have seen people's stash and they have close to 1,000 skiens of spare yarn!
You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too much stash.