Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Make it work!

Woo-hoo!!! The new season of Project Runway starts tonight! I'm so excited!!! If you've been reading my blog lately, you know that I'm something of a reality television whore viewer, but out of all the reality series out there, I this is my absolute favorite. The thing that makes it different from the other reality shows is that the contestants really do have talent, and you get to see that talent challenged every week. Sometimes they really rise to the occasion, other times, well... yikes! But you get to see the process they go through in creating their garments. Sure, there's drama in the background, but the focus is on the fashion.

And while I enjoy seeing what Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi have to say, I really [heart] Tim Gunn! Oh.My.God. I just love watching him give the designers feedback!

Of course, Santino's impression of Tim Gunn (as well as this one) and Tim's reaction to Santino just crack me up.

And just so that you don't think I've totally abandoned the whole knit blog thing, Season 1's winner, Jay McCarroll, is a knitter!

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