Thursday, April 27, 2006

Home Sweet Home

We closed today. She's ours!
Details to follow...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

F is for...


Coming up for air

Geez, my last post was April 8th?!?!?!? What the f#*%? I really suck, don't I. (By the way, "what the f^&#" is my new catchphrase. I'm having way too many "what the f%*$" moments lately.)

My excuses for being such a slug:

  • Work--In addition to the heavy workload, now there's the reorg transition stuff.
  • The new house--We haven't closed yet, but now we're having mortgage issues. Getting one's no problem. It's the construction stuff and the long term payments that are my issue.
  • The above two things are just sucking my energy.

That's it. I'm working on them. And now I'm gonna work on this blog...

I played hooky took today off to see a mortgage person (this morning) and spend the rest of the day with my nieces. They're down here visiting for a few days. Right now they're out shopping with their mother. So in order to get back into the bloggy swing, here's what's happening on the knitting/blogging front:

  • The most important thing I need to tell you first is that I got to meet JessaLu! Two Sunday's ago I was passing through her neck of the woods and we (me, Jess, RR, and Dobby) were able to meet up for dinner at a diner off the highway. We had a really nice time, and RR did that sneaky pick-up-the-check thing that I usually do. (Next time, I gotta position myself so I can grab it). Here's Jess's blog entry.
  • Jim's arm sock... is done! Here's my honey sleeping on the couch.

  • Next unfinished WIP to be tackled--Jim's Civil War reenacting socks (sock #2).
  • Next new project--Claudia Handpainted socks in Chocolate Cherry. Here's the cuff and the first baby cable repeat leg. I love the yarn, but this stuff on the Addis is really slippery. I've accidently dropped stitches a couple of times already and found it tough to fix. Once I'm into the leg it's going to be even more difficult to fix things. Must be very careful with this puppy.

  • More Vesper sock yarn snatched up on [picture to come].

Well, that's all for now. Gotta go work on my ABC-A-Long and Project Spectrum updates.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Saturday's Stash Enhancement

Look what followed me back to the hotel from Webs...

Half price sock yarn! Colors 5747, 5746, and 5745.

Also, some Cascade (on sale!) for a dog sweater:

Color: 9456

I really shouldn't have bought anything other than the Cascade, but I just couldn't pass up the sock yarn. I mean, $6 a ball? What would you have done??? I told Jim that at least I'll be able to knit lots of socks for us to wear in the new house this winter. (We need new windows. The house inspector kept saying "40% heat loss" as he walked from room to room. I'm afraid that's going to haunt me all winter long!)

Oh well, it's late, and I've got a big day ahead of me tomorrow. My Civil War reenacting unit is having their annual meeting in Chatham, New York in the morning, then maybe a quick stop at Countywool (I really want some Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Ruby River), and then I'm going to get to meet Jessica! It's too bad Carole's busy this weekend. It would have been fun for the three of us to get together. (Carole had her first event this weekend. I hope she stayed warm in the tent!)

Oh, and of course, since I finished a project, I just had to cast on for another one...

Yeah, I know, I've got other WIPs that need some attention.
But it's red... and it's a sock!

Sock Progress!

Sunday night:

Wednesday night:

Friday night!

All done! I've got me some Vesper socks! And one less WIP!!!

OK, now I'm sitting in a hotel room that's about a quarter mile from Webs and they're big annual sale. They open in about 20 minutes, and I've just finished a project. You know what that means...

NEED TO BUY MORE YARN BEFORE WE CLOSE ON THE HOUSE... because then I'll be riddled with guilt for even thinking about buying yarn.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

E is for...


Also known in some circles as "Private Dour."

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Playing Catch-Up

That's all I seem to be trying to do lately. Catching up on work, catching up on knitting, catching up on life...

My staff and I were reorganized last week. We've all still got jobs, but the reporting relationships have changed. Now I've got to help them work on a transition plan. Of course, I've still got to get my own work done as well. The next few weeks should be fun.

I haven't started any new projects, which is a good thing for me at this point. I've been making steady progress on the Vesper sock. It's funny--when I started these socks, I didn't try to match the stripe at the start. I just assumed that they would be fraternal socks, and that was OK with me. Well, look at how the legs matched up:

Not too bad, really. However, once I got into the heel flap, my socks true DNA began to show:

Definitely fraternal twins. It will be interesting to see have the foot stripes up. Even with the differences, I still love them so...

Well, some big doings here. After weeks of offers and counter offers, it looks Jim and I will be taking possession of this around April 15th:

Our very own home in Vermont! It's 5 miles down the road from the apartment he's currently living in. It needs quite a bit of work, but we both really love it. Just look at the light in this living room:

Perfect for an afternoon of knitting, don't you think?

With the work we need done on it, I'm going to have to curb my yarn buying. Bummer. But on the plus side, I can probably live off my yarn stash for quite a while.

Actually, no "probably's" about it. There's enough yarn for a winter's worth of socks! Trust me...