Monday, November 05, 2007


I got out of class 10 minutes early tonight. You know what that resulted in? Getting home a half hour earlier than normal! How can that be, you ask? That's the difference that an express train and a shorter wait for a bus makes. I was so thrilled!

Not only did I get home early, I got to see a little bit of Dancing With the Stars! And a little bit of I Love New York 2! Yes, I have to admit a little guilty pleasure--watching reality shows. (Right now The Bachelor is on. So bad...) Anyway, I got to vote on Dancing, something I didn't do last week when poor Sabrina got the boot. It really is pretty amazing what not voting can do.

Too bad most people don't translate voting on television shows to voting that really counts--voting for our public servants. Tomorrow's Election Day. Pretty low profile races around here, but that's no excuse to skip the voting booth. So go vote! Make your choice count!

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