Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fetching progress

The nice thing about a small project is that it doesn't take a whole lot of knitting time in order to see a little progress. Three days ago this is what I had done.

As of this morning, I've got this.

All that's left are the thumbs and weaving in the ends. Can I get a WOO and a HOO? Unfortunately, I won't have the time to finish them before tomorrow's classes unless I can pull a couple of written assignments out of my butt, but I will have them for my Sunday class after the Thanksgiving break.

I have to say that the flash picture doesn't really do the yarn justice. The color is much lovelier in natural light, and the stitch definition--even lovelier! I'll take some proper pictures over the weekend.

Just one more thing before I get back to my books--I upgraded to a new cell phone this weekend. Nothing ultra fancy, but it does have a camera in it. And you know what that means--stealth photo ops! All I need is a USB cable, but then watch out world!


DLovesocks said...

Love the socks! Unfortunately I'm not only a blogger slacker, but also a knitting slacker. Can't find the ball band from my sock yarn. I know it's mountain colors. I just moved so I can always say I lost it in the moved. If it turns up, I'll let you know. What pattern and yarn are your newest socks?

Anonymous said...

Nice sock. Now the hardest part, the second one.
Your mitts look great. You will have toastie hands this winter!