Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another November Birthday

Posted by guest blogger for the day, fiance Jim


May you have many more and with God’s good grace may I be there with you for each of them. You are my confidant, my mentor, my co-conspirator in all of life’s challenges. You do not complete me, but rather you add to and accentuate every aspect of my being. You are the response to all my wise cracks and devilish ways. You are the wisdom added to each idea. You are the reality of every situation, plied with love rather than a harsh criticism. You are all the tender moments in my life. You are my lover, my friend and my greatest pal. You are the one I miss on our long times apart. “You are the one I struggle with for most of the bed on our short times together.” But most often, our struggles are forged in our own togetherness against the challenges that surround us. AND, it is often that I worry more about you than I do myself. It is my greatest hope that each birthday from now to the end of our lives will be just a little bit better than the one before it. I know, I work for that with every thought of our lives together. So happy birthday sweetie and may we have many more.

Love ya.


Carole Knits said...

Awww, geez. You went and made me cry. Happy Birthday, Betty. Wonderful job, Jim. I love you both!

Joanne a/k/a Punkin said...

How nice! Have a happy!

Elizzabetty said...

Thanks, guys!

By the way, he is the one who takes up most of the bed. When we're in a king size bed, he lays diagonally across it. Leaves me about a foot and a half. So there!

JessaLu said...

How sweet! Happy Belated Birthday!

Mira said...

After reading it, it just makes me go..awwwwww...he's so sweet!!! Happy belated birthday!