Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy New Year!

We're a few days in to it, but Happy New Year everyone! I know my last post was pretty negative, but I've had a week to lay back and recharge, and I'm not feeling so bad about the late gift knitting. It'll all get done, and some people will receive some random knitted gifts this winter. And besides, random presents for no reason at all are always a good thing, right?

I spent the past week up in Vermont with Jim. Didn't really do a whole lot of knitting, but that's alright. It was nice to just be away from work for a few days. (Although, I did have to call in for a meeting right in the middle of it all. An hour and 15 minute conference call. That sucked, but at least I got to go back to being a homebody afterwards.)

In my next post I'll show you the Malabrigo wrist warmers that I've started working on for myself. You know, new year, new project. The colors in the yarn match perfectly with an emerald ring that I received from Jim for Christmas, so you know I just had to knit something to go with the ring, right? (Please, agree with me, please???) In the meantime, here are some pictures from the last couple of days. There's lots of snow up thar in Vermont, and it really looked awful purty up thar. These were taken while we were driving back from Manchester on Wednesday.

And this was taken out our kitchen window Thursday morning.

Next time, yarn and roving pictures. (I stopped at Webs on my way home Thursday afternoon... you know how it is, right?)

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Anonymous said...

Of COURSE you have to knit something to go with the ring! There's no question. :) I can't wait to see the finished warmers on your hands.