Monday, December 19, 2005

Two Christmas Gifts Are Finished! And Gifted!!!

Yes, people, hell has frozen over!!! I managed to finish and give two of the Christmas gifts--the sweaters for my nieces!

Yankee Knitter Designs #20--Easy Bulky Sweater
Lamb's Pride Bulky (RPM Pink and Amethyst)
Sizes XS and S

Of course, I still had to finish the sleeve lengths after they tried them on (which I did last night), but the girls now have their sweaters! I spent most of my trip on Amtrak seaming the pink one, and finished everything but the bottom of the sleaves Saturday night in the hotel we stayed at, in front of their fireplace and HDTV.

I was happy with the fit of the purple one, but the pink one seems a little small, but I think the next size up would swim on her. I think she grew a bit since more than I expected. Still, I really like the sweaters and, more importantly, so do my nieces.

Unfortunately, these two girls were the only gift recipients on this trip to my sister's. I've had no time to really do anything Christmas shopping related, and, well, just read my last post and you'll see why.

In any case, I'm pretty much done with the big stuff at work, so maybe I can now get some stuff done during lunch.

Of course, with the transit strike an hour away and the LIRR unions rumored to be honoring the picket lines, it looks like I've got a day off tomorrow.

Newsflash: I'm watching the news, and the union
has rejected the last offer and have left the building. Get your sneakers

Guess I may be off tomorrow. Well, it's a chance to go Christmas shopping, and maybe get a haircut and highlights, and get an oil change for my car, and maybe get back to some blogging...

For now, on to Project Bluefoot, which without a train commute for knitting is going to be a challenge. How many days until Christmas?

I leave you with another picture of the north fork of the island from the ferry.


Carole Knits said...

The sweaters look great and the girls are getting so big! So, how come you get the day off? I'm confused. You're not secretly a transit worker, are you?

Anonymous said...

Two sweaters?! You put my piddly little holiday gift knits to shame.

Here's to the day off. May we knit happily at home.

Elizzabetty said...

Thanks ladies, but I'm sorry to say that those sweaters were started in May (purple) and September (pink), and I still struggled to finish them. I'm actually pretty pathetic.

And the LIRR is running today, so I'm here at work instead of gift knitting. And how much knitting did I get done on the train this morning? Zippo. Nada. Nuttin honey. (Somebody please tie one of my hands behind my back so I can feel just a little more pressure, please.)

Anonymous said...

Those sweaters came out great! And it was such a good idea to do the sleeves top-down so you can adjust the lengths easily.

And BTW, that picture of Jim in the next post is awesome. As is the hat. :)