Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yarn candy

On Monday I spent most of the day in a five and a half hour meeting. (Yikes!) However, before the meeting started, I got this goody in the mail.

Look what was was inside.

Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Steelhead. It was a purchase on eBay. (Yes, I do buy some yarn on eBay on occasion.) The seller even included those Smarties. Wasn't that nice? And, I also got a package from Webs--a bag of yarn to make Christmas Present #3! (I really do need to get a move on more of those Christmas presents...)

This morning I went straight to work on Christmas Present #3. (Finally, I managed to stay awake long enough to do some knitting!)

I didn't get very far today, but that's OK. Even if I just do a couple of rows a day, I'll still make progress. Christmas is still a ways off, right. Please, tell me I'm right. Please???

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Anonymous said...

I'm not counting the days until Christmas because I am not knitting presents this year. Got that? Not. knitting. Christmas. presents.