Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My First Lace Project

I first got the urge inkling to do a blog this past spring. I figured it would be a good outlet for my knitting obsession hobby, and might even increase my confidence in my writing ability. (I may work in publishing, but I am not a writer. There, I've said it. Can't write to save my butt.)

Well, between then and now there have been so many knitting firsts that would have been so blog worthy--my first sock, my first cable, my first baby sweater, etc.--that I've been getting increasingly frustrated. By the time I finally get around to starting a blog there will be no major achievements to blog about! I will have used them all up!!! (I know, it's irrational, but that's just me.)

Well, finally, I've got a blog-worthy first--my first lace project!

In process on the train.

OK, so it's just a basic garter stitch scarf, with strategically placed increases and decreases that give it that fancy diagonal look. But it's being made with Morehouse Farm Merino. So yummy...

It looks a little wrinkly now, but I'm going to have faith that once it's blocked it will be beautiful. (After all, if Stephanie says it, it must be so!)

So, might lace knitting become as obsessive as sock knitting? Right now it feels like I'm knitting with thread. Very pretty thread. Maybe it just the 10 1/2 needles. But the colors are oh so pretty.

We'll see...

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Anonymous said...

Lace knitting is very addicting. Be careful!