Monday, October 17, 2005

Lunchtime Errands

One of the great things about working in NYC is being able to visit yarn shops during my lunch hour. Today I got to go to Purl on an errand for my mother.

Now before I go on... Carole--please don't be jealous. After all, you got to spend a weekend in Maine! LL Bean! Sock yarn on sale!!! I wasn't buying anything for myself! Honest!!!

You see, there's a pattern in the Holiday 2005 issue of Family Circle Easy Knitting for a cashmere headband that my mother really wants to make for my youngest sister for Christmas. It calls for Classic Elite's Lavish--a gorgeous 100% cashmere yarn, but at $62 per skein is a bit pricey. So I did a little online searching for a substitute yarn and came up Classic Elite's Posh--30% cashmere/70% silk, with the exact same yardage and gauge as Posh at half the price. I showed Mom, she liked it, so there was only one more decision to be made--color. She wanted it to go with the Tahki Baby Print (#27) scarf that I made for my sister two years ago. (It was one of my first projects--a 1x1 ribbed really long narrow scarf.)

So armed with some leftover yarn from the scarf, I scooted out of the office, hopped on the subway, and made my way to Purl. Even though they were kinda busy and crowded (it's a really small store), the staff--including the owner, Joelle--were extremely helpful. The luxury yarns are kept behind the register, but they took the time to help me compare my strands with the yarns. I wasn't long before I found the perfect match. So, whaddaya think?

This yarn feels like buttah! The color is Hydrangea, and it has just the perfect balance of blue and purple. Will ya look at that? Mmmmmmmm...

(By the way, Purl is one of my favorite yarn stores. Wonderful selection, fair prices (you gotta check out the 40% off box near the door), and Joelle and her staff are always pleasant and helpful. It's just one or two quick subway stops (depending on which train I take) from my office and only a short walk from The Point, one of my other favorites. )

And so, with my mission accomplished, I picked up some lunch, hopped on the subway, and was back in the office within an hour. Of course, every so often I had to touch the yarn. How could I resist?


My last crochet class.

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Anonymous said...

And when I come to New York we're going to Purl AND The Point, right?