Saturday, December 29, 2007

How I spent my Christmas vacation

Yeah, that sums it up right there. Since Christmas day I've been working on my take home final exam for my Litigation class. I thought that when you walk out of a class after the last scheduled session AND there's not final exam period, you'd be done, right? Wrong-o! This guy handed us our take home final in the last 15 minutes of that final class. Five essay questions (out of seven), citing appropriate sections of the statute as needed. He originally wanted to give us a due date of December 23rd, but quickly changed that to December 30th after we started to whine.

Anyway, I'm working on my last essay question now and plan to have the whole thing e-mailed to him tonight. Then maybe I can do a little knitting. (Yeah, knitting--hasn't been any of that around here thanks to Professor Grinch...) And blogging. I want to do some of that too, especially since I have to show you what Jim gave me for Christmas. Trust me, it's just too fabulous for words.

So, I hope the rest of you had a Christmas week that did NOT include any affirmative defenses, service of a summons and complaint, statute of limitations determinations, or third-party actions!

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Joan said...

Sooo, how'd it go? ;-p