Sunday, December 02, 2007

First snow

Today was our first snow of the season in the NY Metro area. We woke up to a fairly dusty powdery snow, although on the highways it created some wet and icy surfaces. And a 32-mile drive to school this morning on tires that really need to be replaced... well, it was a little nerve wracking, even with the AWD. Please cross your fingers that I'm able to get some grippy new tires on the Blue Bean within the next week or so. I have a feeling that this is going to be a snowy winter--both here and in Vermont.

I have to get to work on some flyers for Jim, but before I go just a few things...
  • I'm coming down the homestretch for my Sunday classes. Next week is my last Legal Writing class and the week after that is the last Litigation class. The Sunday classes have been good, and I can't believe I'm almost done with them. Time to start thinking about registering for the winter semester.
  • With two of my three classes coming to an end, I'll have some time to get back to a little knitting.
  • The other night I succumb to temptation... and bought myself a Garmin GPS system that was dirt cheap on For $178, if was an offer I couldn't refuse, and totally justifiable based on the New England driving that I frequently do.
  • This is very important: Next Sunday you need to watch Extreme Home Makeover. They will be featuring a family from Vermont. These are people that Jim knows. Jim has worked with the father, Lou Vitale, at 7-Eleven. I've met Lou. He's a good, decent man, and this is a family that is so very deserving of their new home. So please watch next weekend. Click here for some more information.

Oh yeah, there's also this.

NaBloPoMo. I did it. Thirty consecutive posts. I even surprised myself!

Now there's Blog 365--post every day for a year.

I'm not that crazy.

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Carole Knits said...

Congratulations on NaBloPoMo! We never watch Extreme Home Edition but we will next week just because you asked.