Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rock on!

A while back I posted about how far behind I was reading my bloglines. I've caught up on some, am still behind on others, and got caught up and am now lagging behind. Sigh...

However, there are some that I do manage to read regularly, and today I was pleasantly surprised when Joan from Knitting & Other Nonsense in Edith's House picked me as one of her five Rockin' Girl Bloggers.

Woo-Hoo!!! Thank you, Joan! You rock!!!

So, it's only fair that I post my choices for Rockin' Girl Bloggers. I could go on and on about so many rockin' bloggers, but here are my five:
  1. Jenny of Spinning Spider Jenny, who made me feel so welcome at Adam's Farm way back when they had their knitting circle on Sunday, and who also introduced me to spinning with a hooky stick.
  2. Alyson of The YoYo Knits, who just cracks me up (go read this now--I'll wait for you).
  3. Kate of Minestrone Soup, who's Fun Fur hat collection for kids undergoing chemo took on a furry mind of its own.
  4. Cirilia of Skrilla Knits, who works in Yarn Mecca, and is just so cool and cute.
  5. Joanne of Punkin's World, who has embraced sock knitting--with those fancy schmancy premium sock yarns--faster than I ever would have imagined.

Go grab the button, girls! Y'all rock!!!


Joan said...

VT is filled with Rockin' Blogger Girls! ;-}
I found a new button if you prefer it for your sidebar. It's on my sidebar today.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being a Rockin' Blogger girl ;) Love the re-enactment shots. Hope the gun issue is resolved soon. My Great Great Grandfather was a Captain in the PA 23rd Volunteers who fought at Gettysburg and before we moved to VT we'd go to Remembrance Weekend every year. SIGH, I miss doing that!