Sunday, August 12, 2007

How I spent my weekend

I worked this weekend. Both days. Full regular type days (the 10-hour variety), only without the normal interruptions.

But enough of that--let's look at a sock!

Gusset decreases are done. Now we're heading towards the toe. (Is it just me, or does lace knitting take longer than your basic ribbing?)

Here's a gusset closeup. I messed up something with one of the decreases, but that's OK. It's the little flaws that give them character.

Aside from getting some sock knitting done on the train, there was one good thing that may have come from working all weekend. I think I cleared my week up enough that I should be able to meet Punkin at Saratoga Race Course next Monday! Cross your fingers that I'll be able to get away this weekend, please?

And speaking of Punkin, yesterday was her birthday! Why don't you head on over to her blog and say hi! (She's got lots of pictures of FO's--including mucho socks!)

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