Thursday, October 05, 2006

Time flies when you're...

...traveling... fighting a cold... working... and knitting.

Yup. Been doing all of the above. I am getting caught up with stuff, but I still don't have time to blog about all I want to. So here's another set of bullet points...
  • We survived the trip from Baltimore to Boston back to Philadelphia and then on to New York. But I'm still tired.
  • Thuja had to be tinked back because it's too short for my foot. It's fine now.
  • Started the third red Claudia Hand Painted sock. Survey says it's leaning towards the brighter sock.
  • My new LYS, The Village Knitter, opened while I was gone, and I got to stop by last week. I'm very, very happy to have this wonderful shop so close to home! Had a wonderful time talking and knitting with Joy, a fellow blogger, who's working in the shop. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of this visit to share. Next time.
  • I started a new sock for Jim with yarn I bought at my new LYS. I wasn't going to start it now, but Joy got me thinking about how the yarn would knit up and I figured what the hell! (I've been having second thoughts on the tight gauge on the Trekking sock, so I'm going to put it on hold for a while.)
  • I've signed up for some knitalongs. I don't know if it's the cool fall evenings, or the looming cold nights in a potentially uninsulated house, but I'm feeling motivated to knit me some warm socks and mittens and fingerless gloves.

Rhinebeck. I was undecided about whether or not to participate in Blogger Bingo. Well, that decision's been made for me.

I haven't cancelled my hotel reservation just yet, but I did make southbound Amtrak reservations for over that weekend. I'm going to be joining Jim for the second half of his Philadelphia to Yorktown Elderhostel program, which runs over that weekend. He really needs help with that leg of the program, so being the sucker devoted fiance that I am, I'm going to join him the last night in Philly for the trip down to Virginia. Maybe I can convince him to have the bus driver take me to that yarn shop in Williamsburg? We'll see.

Well, that's all for now. Next time I'll post some pictures on my projects. I've been knitting some, you know...


Carole Knits said...

No Rhinebeck? Am I ever going to see you again?

Anonymous said...

No Rhinebeck?!? Sucky.