Sunday, October 08, 2006

Good stuff, bad stuff

Good stuff: I met the owner of my new LYS yesterday. Karen's really great! Her shop is great! Have I mentioned how happy I am to have such a terrific LYS that is so close to home (and just minutes off the train)? I'm so thrilled!

Bad stuff: I still haven't taken pictures of the store. And I had the camera in my bag while I was at the store. I'm such a putz.

Good stuff: Jim's new sock is coming along quite nicely. I really like working with the Austermann Step yarn.

Bad stuff: I missed posting a blog on International Talk Like a Pirate Day. However, there was a lot of pirate talk among the Elderhostel mateys and saucy wenches participants on the trip. Aye matey...

Good stuff: Really pretty Saturday sky yesterday.

Bad stuff: I totally missed my own blogiversary! It was September 15th--the first day of my Elderhostel trip--and even though I knew it was coming, I was so distracted by work and planning for the trip that it totally slipped my mind until just a couple of days ago. That really sucks.

Good stuff: I'm going back down to Virginia with Jim for four days on another Elderhostel trip, and I expect that I won't be tied to the office by the electronic leashes nor will I take work with me. I plan on spending time with my sweetheart and doing lots of knitting.

Bad stuff: I'm not going to Rhinebeck this year because I told Jim I'd go on the trip with him. I'm sad I'm going to miss seeing my friends.

Good stuff: There's always the Franklin County Fiber Twist (I think--I haven't looked at my calendar yet).

Bad and Good stuff: Bad--I have to go out to Chicago in November for a one-day meeting. Good--the meeting's on a Monday and the airfare's dirt cheap, so I'm going out there on a Saturday night so I can spend Sunday going to yarn shops.

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Anonymous said...

The fiber twist is the weekend after Rhinebeck :o) Maybe we'll see you there...?