Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gettin' ready to hit the road

I've been knocking myself out at work trying to get ready for my upcoming vacation. Now normally we're unbelievably busy this time of year, but the last two weeks have been so much worse. But regardless, I'll be done (for the most part) with work Thursday evening and on Friday morning I'll be heading up to Boston for the start of my vacation--as a tour guide for Elderhostel with Jim on a 12-day bus tour tracing key events of the American Revolution.

I plan to get caught up on my blogging during this trip. I've got so much to talk about--the Columbia County Fair, getting to see Jess and R.R., some stash enhancment... I'll get to it.

So, have I pack for this trip yet? Well, sort of... if planning my knitting projects counts.

Here's whats coming with me (so far):

The long neglected pink sock #2 with the blue heel and toe.

Jim's Trekking sock.

A new project--Thuja!

And finally, I'd like to get a start on red sock #3. Popular opinion (in the office) is leaning towards a closer match to the darker sock.

There may be another skank skein or two of yarn that hops into my suitcase. We'll see...


Carole Knits said...

Have fun with the elders on the hostel. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip :o)