Saturday, April 05, 2008

Riding on the Hudson Line

Warning: this is picture heavy...

This is the third weekend in a row I've been travelling (after my classes, of course). This weekend's journey has taken me on an overnight trip to the exotic land of Albany, New York. (Yes, I'm such a globetrotter, ain't I?) We're having a unit meeting tomorrow morning at the arsenal. Instead of driving, I opted for taking Amtrak.

Unfortunately, it was a bit overcast, so I lost light earlier than I would have liked, but there was still some wonderful riverfront scenery to be shot.

The George Washington Bridge...

...up close.

West Point Military Academy

Pretty sky when the sun tries to peek out.

Bannerman's Castle (A castle in the Hudson River. Who knew?)

Yes, I brought my GPS (and the suction cup window thingy for it) with me. I'm such a geek!

But even the sock enjoyed knowing exactly where it was...

Fortunately, this breathtaking sunset came out of that drab overcast sky.

I hope the sky was beautiful wherever you were today!


Mary said...

Being an Albany gal who now lives in NYC, I'm very familiar with that train ride. Most of the time I can't knit or read--I just want to stare at the river.

Thanks for the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Those were nice shots. And no you were not a geek by putting your GPS on there... consider it "in flight tv" :)

- Mayleen