Saturday, October 06, 2007

On the road again

I've been on the road with Jim since Tuesday and man, am I tired. We've got 33 Elderhostelers. Trying to keep them on schedule has been like wrangling cats, but after 4 of them were 15 minutes late out of the hotel and onto the bus this morning, and Jim gave them all a little talking to and they seemed to have straightened up. We'll see how long that lasts.
Tonight we're in Albany. Tomorrow morning we leave bright and early for West Point, and then onto Philly. I barely have the energy to blog, so I'll post a few pictures.

Early morning at Hubbardton Battlefield.

My handpainted sock over Lake Champlain.

The Wallaby looking at Fort Ticonderoga from the lake.

By the way, you know how I said I would finish the Wallaby this during the trip? Yeah, well, I must have been tripping. No way is that happening! But that's OK.

OK, off to sleep for me now. Maybe some blogging tomorrow?

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Joanne a/k/a Punkin said...

It's cute, a little baby wallaby enjoying the nice autumn in upstate New York. Have fun on the rest of your trip.