Friday, October 26, 2007


ETA: I was mistaken---the morning low was actually 27.
Yeah--twenty seven freakin' degrees!

29 27 degrees. That was the overnight low here in Southern Vermont. It's up to a whopping 39 degrees right now, but after all of those weeks in the 80's, this is really freakin' cold.

I'm up here for a whirlwind weekend-ish visit. (I'm timeshifting my weekend because I have to be back on LI for classes Sunday morning.) Jim's up in Brandon finishing up an Elderhostel program and won't be home until mid to late afternoon. Tomorrow we've got a half day meeting down in Deerfield, Mass. Here's what's on my "to do" list for today (since that's all I've got):

  • Insulate 12 windows. (That shrink-wrapped plastic stuff really does make a difference.)

  • Fill holes and cracks around the house with that expanding foamy insulation stuff.

  • Go into town for a little food shopping.

  • Replace screens in storm doors with glass inserts.

  • Pick up mail at post offices. (We've got boxes at two different post offices.)

  • Finish reading assignment for Litigation class; re-read pages.

  • Read four cases. Write 30-minute essay about them for Litigation class. (Time limitation imposed by the instructor so we won't obsess about them and will concentrate on the reading assignments.)

  • Write demand letter for Legal Writing class.

  • Finish citation assignment for Legal Research class.

  • Replace doors sweeps.

  • Mow grass. (Damn! It's still growing! Even with this cold!)

  • Prepare membership lists for LHA's annual meeting (which is tomorrow in Deerfield).

  • Make dinner for my betrothed.

You think I'm going to finish this whole list in the next 12-14 hours? Do you think I'm on drugs??? Oh well, better get my ass in gear so I can get started. I'll leave you with the view out of my condensation-covered, uninsulated window.


Anonymous said...

oh ugh I have to do that too - time to break out the hair dryer and seal the front door! ;o)

Good luck with that list!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! Especially with the demand letter.. I used to love writing those back when I was an A/R guru :)