Tuesday, November 08, 2011

10 Things You Do To Care For Yourself When You Have a Cold

When I come down with a cold, I try to do everything possible to comfort and baby myself--except maybe staying home from work. (I'm so bad about that!) Here are those things I do to either recuperate faster or comfort myself:

  1. Eat breakfast foods--"Regular" food just isn't appetizing when you're wheezing and sneezing and what not. Toast, cereal, and the like are they only things I want.
  2. Tea--Always, always, a hot cup of tea. Can't stomach coffee when I'm sick.
  3. Eucalyptus scented anything--Perfect for opening up the sinuses.
  4. Lotion tissues--A must to keep from looking like Rudolph after a couple of hours.
  5. Sleep--Gotta support the body in it's efforts to heal itself.
  6. Vicks Vaporub--Again, need to breathe!
  7. Orange juice--I would probably be better off if I drank this year round, but I'll take that Vitamin C dose when I'm sick.
  8. Soup--Easy nutrition and that sinus-opening steam!
  9. Lip balm--For me, at least, chapped lips goes along with all the other cold symptoms.
  10. Halls Cough Drops (preferably in Cherry flavor)--Again, need to open up the sinuses, and that Mentho-Lyptus stuff does it for me.


kathy b said...

Oh those nasty Halls drops.......I dont know how you do it!! I love the lotion tissues too

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