Saturday, January 31, 2009

Need a jolt?

So last weekend I started this Project Management class at Baruch College. It's on Saturdays--9:30 am to 3:30 pm, and it runs for five weeks. (I'm doing this to improve my PM skills at work.) Not too bad, really.

The big catch with this is that Baruch is in Manhattan, so I have to take the train into the city--and the weekend railroad schedule is more limited. But OK, there's a 7:28 train that gets me in by a quarter to nine. Plenty of time for the subway ride to 23rd and to get a cup of tea. And I live 2 miles from the train station. Easy five minute drive to the train. And the next train--about a half hour later--would get me to class maybe 10 minutes late. Again, not so bad, but I really don't want to be late.

So last weekend was the first class. No problems getting to class with enough time to grab a cup of tea. This is good.

This morning I woke up at 6:30. I stirred a little, looked at the clock, and then thought I could close my eyes for another minute. Next thing I know the alarms (yes, alarms) are going off. I look at the clock, and it says 7:15.

Oh crap.

I need to catch a 7:28 train to get to class on time.

--I caught the 7:28.

And I didn't forget to put any article of clothes on, and my shoes matched.

That's 13 minutes from my bed to actually sitting on the train. That's definitely a record for me. However...


teabird said...

... you forgot your needles...

Elizzabetty said...

However... I don't want to be setting any more records like that--and clearly this is a record I don't ever want to try and break!

Seriously--I'm too old for that!