Friday, July 18, 2008

Eye Candy Friday -- Orchid Edition

The Amazing Vermont Bloomin' Orchid!

This is the orchid that I bought from Ikea when we first moved into the house and that stayed continuous bloom for two solid years. This past May it finally gave out and the stem started to die back. I thought the plant was done, and after constantly making flowers for two solid years it clearly deserved a rest.

Well, turns out that the old girl wasn't quite done yet. She started sending out that stem last month, and now the flowers are coming back.

And can you believe that I have never fertilized or repotted this plant at any time during the last two solid years?
Man, that plant sure likes Vermont!


Anonymous said...

holy crap - so cool!

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Try to clone it - people will pay big bucks for a low-maintenance plant like this!