Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Am I blue?

Maybe a little, but not as blue as this bagel--

This was being sold at my favorite bagel shop this morning. Yikes! And I thought that the green ones for Saint Patty's Day were a little scary.

And another find this morning--

Free t-shirts being given out by the local classic rock radio station at the train station this morning.


Now, I know I've got some good friends who are of the "New England" persuation, but in the interests of full disclosure, I have to state that:
  1. I am a New York Giant fan. Have been for 20+ years.
  2. I am a New York Met fan. Have been since I was a child.
  3. I am a New York Ranger fan. Islanders? Those fans leave early to get out of the parking lot. Feh!
  4. I am not a New York Yankee fan, although I did think they were a better team during the Joe Torre years. Still not a fan, though.
And if you've still with me (and I hope you are--can't we all just get along???), some real live knitting for you!

Dashing, for Jim. Just needs a thumb.
See--the midterms didn't entirely break my spirit. There's been a little knitting going on...


Carole Knits said...

So what's the flavor of that gawdawful looking bagel? I will try and forgive you for #1 but only because of #4.

Anonymous said...

Good thing you don't like the Yankees or I'd have to never speak to you again just on principle. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I finally made it to your blog... Wow what a blue bagel, I would be scared to eat that... Death by die number # 9 (or whatever number is used for blue)

Joan said...

I've been knitting up a storm of mitts myself. Could be the freaking cold in VT?? ;-p