Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blogline overload

You know what the flip side of blogger's block is? It's Bloglines block. Look at this list of blog postings that I need to get caught up on:

Claudia's Blog (25)
CrazyAuntPurl (30)
Dave Daniels Cabin Cove (32)
january one (34)
knit and tonic (22)
Lolly Knitting Around (27)
Mason-Dixon Knitting (34)
Now Norma Knits (10)
purlingswine (33)
Sandy's Knitting (29)
Too Much Wool (22)
The Tsarina Tsays... (21)
Yarn Harlot (28)

Yikes! That's a whole lot of postings to go through, especially when you realize that some of these posts tend to be on the long side. I feel bad, because these are blogs that I enjoy reading. But it's amazing how things tend to pile up when you don't attend to them regularly.

Anyway, my next step--to whittle away at the list. Catch up with these people that I love to visit online and have missed from my daily life.

No knitting pictures today. I've picked a pattern for my hand painted yarn and have started the cuff. I'm sure I have something in a few days.

For now, I'll leave you with a couple of garden pictures from the yard on Long Island.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Foxgloves!

You'll get caught up - we're not going anywhere ;o)

Sandy said...

Gracious! That is a lot of blogreading! (and at the snail pace that I have been posting, they probably date back to last year! haha)
LOVE your flowers, especially the pink ones which I cleverly monikered "the pink ones" but I see that Jessalu id-ed as Foxgloves! I love them!
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