Thursday, May 24, 2007

One class down, and one to go

Tuesday was my last night of classes. On the good side, I'm done with my Intro to Law class, and the final wasn't as bad as I feared it might be. On the bad side, I didn't finish all of my writing assignments for the Legal Research class. Apparently, though, a lot of other people in the class didn't finish their assignments either. Guess what we all got--extensions! So, I won't be back to regular blogging just yet, but I wanted to post a little bit for you on the dyeing class I took at Webs.

Web's parking lot at 9:30am--their not even officially open and the parking lot is packed.

There's Charlene!

Skein #1 (shades of blue) and my five cups of dye.

Dye applied!

Waiting for a steam bath with the other "kids" in the class.

Skein #2 (pink, green and yellow), painted in yellow, waiting for the other two colors.

Five hours later at home...

Both plastic wrap skeins have cooled and are about to get their final rinse.


Tomorrow evening, after a stop at Punkin's to show her my dye babies--and let her kids wind some skeins into yarn balls--I'm off to Vermont for the weekend. Just going to work around the house and work on those papers. Maybe blog a little. We'll see...


Carole Knits said...

I see that the dye was in cups. How did you actually apply it to the yarn?

Joan said...

Like I said, I am GREEN with jealousy! How was Charlene anyway? Nice lady? Is that a merino or a superwash as your base. Love your colors! Get knitting, girl!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors! Good luck with the cannon inspection...