Monday, July 10, 2006

A Monday knitting update

Yeah, actual knitting content. I hope Carole and Jess don't fall off their chairs ;-)

I'm making little bits of progress some of my current projects...

The socks that were supposed to be my Red Hot Red Socks project are coming along. I picked up gusset stitches this morning and started the decreases.

I'm on to the leg of Jim's Trekking sock--plain old stockinette, which suits me just fine. I could use a little stockinette in my life right now. My rounds are going faster now and besides, the color changes are sooooo pretty.

Those are my portable projects of the moment.

And now, some commuting photos. I went in to the office both days this past weekend. We're working on that book-that-shall-remain-nameless again, which means long days and weeks for us through early August. And no visiting my house. Suckie. But the train time will allow me to work on some socks.

LIRR--Jamaica Station, Sunday afternoon

Sunday sunset over Long Island

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Anonymous said...

Sorry it took me two days to comment...I had to be revived from hitting my head when I fell off my chair... *g*