Saturday, December 01, 2007

Jeopardy question

Automobiles for $600, Alex
Answer: It's almost as bad as shopping for a car.
Question: What is shopping for tires?

Yeah. Good times... NOT! I spent most of today shopping for my first set of replacement tires for my Blue Bean (a.k.a. a Subaru Forester, LL Bean Edition). Between scouring Consumer Reports online, as well as various other rating sites and message boards, and stopping by four different tires places, I think my head's going to explode. The tire places either don't have the tires that I think I want (based on Consumer Reports ratings), or the tires that they do have have some significant issues. Like being crappy on ice. Which is such sooooo not what you want for an all-wheel drive vehicle that spends time in Vermont. In the snow and ice. WTF?!?!?!?

Next week I need to call two more tire places that were closed today. Hopefully I'll have new tires within the next week or so.

Oh, and in between the tire shop stops I went to buy new eyeglasses. That's a whole other blog post story for another day... complete with cell phone photos and an accidental video.

Technology update: I figured out how to download the cell phone pictures onto a memory card, but I can't get the card reader to transfer them to my laptop. The saga goes on...


Anonymous said... is the place to go. I did it for my snow tires. I think I got 4 snows, mounted and balanced on steel rims for about $500 (that's for all 4 tires and the rims) and they shipped them right to my door. You just need to check your owners manual to see what size tire you need :) They will also ship directly to a garage if you have one you use regularly for such stuff :)

Katura said...

How do you like your Forester? My boyfriend is thinking about getting one. Do you have a favorite Subaru dealer?

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