Thursday, December 06, 2007

Another new toy

The GPS is here! The GPS is here!

As Punkin might say, the game show doesn't end around here. Yesterday my newest toy--a Garmin Nuvi 200--arrived on my doorstep. Now, I've always had a great sense of direction, something that I inherited from my father, and I've always thought that GPS systems were similar to spell check programs--both cause people to check their brains at the door before using. And besides, they were sooooooo expensive. Just learn to read a freakin' map, why don't ya!

However, I've gotten to see these puppies in action on the Elderhostel bus trips. They're kinda neat. AND when used as a tool to supplement navigation, they're very helpful. (Please note I said tool, not brain replacement.)

So, when I saw Wal-Mart's website offering a basic unit for $168, I thought about how useful it could be in my travels through New England. Especially when I take those detours off the interstate in search of gas or a retail outlet. Or yarn store. (There are still a few of them between here and Vermont that I haven't stopped at yet.) And I thought, what the hell! Let's go for it!

So last night I put her through her paces. Entered a few destinations to see how she'd tell me to get there. Some of the routes were dead on, others a little off, but all in all very accurate. And this morning I let her take me to the train station. I made a few turns to force her to recalcluate. She rose to the occasion like a true navigator.

Just for fun, I took her on the train with me this morning. Plugged in my office's address just to see what she'd do. She's had to recalculate her ass off, but she did it!

She even accepted the fact that we were "driving" on the train tracks!

I'm looking forward to taking her on the open road. It will be fun. And Jim no longer has to play navigator when we go on trips. He can sleep instead. ;-)

So, I have to give her a name. What do you think? Purl, maybe? After all, she will help me to find more yarn shops. (Another fiber fetish enabler in my life...)

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Joanne a/k/a Punkin said...

Name her Gabby. Gabrielle Pinkerton Smith.