Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blogging under the influence

Howdy. My name’s Elizzabetty. I’m back home in Vermont. I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine. (Cline Zinfandel. Mmmmmm….) This is what happens when you blog under the influence.

Jim finally got the satellite dish fixed so we can get the Vermont local channels. (Last winter a load of snow coming off the roof took out one of the satellite dishes, so we lost the some of the local channels.) I was anxiously awaiting the Burlington newscast. We put on Channel 3, and the Powerball guy came on. Jim went to get our ticket so we could check our numbers as they drew them. Guess what? Due to “technical difficulties” they weren’t gonna do a live drawing. He went on for the entire duration of what should have been the live drawing repeatedly saying “we’re not doing a live drawing.” Dude—I heard ya the first time. No need to give me a dozen variations on the theme. Fix ya freakin’ problem, why don’t ya. (Yeah, I’m so not ever gonna be a Vermonter, am I…)

After that I took a couple of more pictures. Of course, being a tinsy bit loopy right now, I forgot to zoom out to take a picture of me and Jim.

How do ya like that door?


Oh, that’s better. Sort of.

Honey, can you get me a little more wine? Please???

Next time I’ve got some knitting content for you. I stopped at Webs today. Duh. Of course I bought some yarn. (Is the Pope Catholic???)

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