Thursday, October 20, 2005

This and That

Lots to tell you about, but not much time to go into detail (it's rather late), so here are some highlights...

Sock update

Both of the "Bluefoot" gift socks are at the exact same point. I'm following the suggestion of Betsey McCarthy in "Knit Socks!" to knit both socks simultaneously. (The ribbed pattern is also from this book.) So far so good.

I've been doing 2-3 rows at a time on each of them, so although it feels like I'm going slowly, I'm actually making decent progress. (They're about 2 1/2 inches long now.)

A Finished Object

This morning on the train I weaved in the ends of a scarf I finished 2 years ago. (Yikes!) This was the first project I made for myself. (I had completed 5 gifts scarves in the middle of working on it 3 Christmases ago.) I wanted to wear it today but had forgotten about not weaving in the ends, so I took care of it this morning. After about 3 stations stops it was done!

It's made out of Plymouth Indiecita Alpaca that I bought at Webs--my first non-acrylic yarn purchase! The pattern was free with purchase of the yarn. It has this 10 row pattern that was a little complicated to follow at the time (I had just started knitting again and had just learned how to purl), but by working on this scarf I really learned how to tell the difference between a knit and a purl.

Non-Knitting News--Celebrity Sighting

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to document this, but while walking to lunch today I spotted my first celebrity in the new neighborhood (NYC Meatpacking District), although it really was kind of a minor celebrity. Donny Deutsch--advertising agency CEO, CNBC talk show host, friend of "The Donald"--walked right past me on the sidewalk. Normally I'm really bad at recognizing celebrities in person. I was once in an elevator with Mickey Rooney and had no clue. The man was a regular chatterbox--I was oblivious, until someone pointed it out to me as he left. For some reason, today I noticed. Oh well...

Root Canal Update

Everything's fine! I don't even need the ibuprofen anymore. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

Next time... my last crochet class.

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Anonymous said...

You keep teasing us with the tale of the last crochet class. It must have been a real doozy!