Tuesday, September 20, 2005

From the Big Apple to the Big Easy...

Tonight's the night of the big Katrina benefit concert at Madison Square Garden. My man was performing tonight, along with a whole lot of other people. I managed to buy tickets for it last Tuesday and was really psyched about going. 100% of the proceeds are going to various hurricane related charities. Ticketmaster didn't even charge any of their usual rip-off fees! And because I charged them on my AmEx card, American Express donated an additional $20 per ticket. Pretty cool, huh? Well... just minutes after I received my e-mail with the tickets from Ticketmaster, I went to block out the time in my calendar at work and saw this:

Crochet class at high school with Mom--Sept. 20th, 7-9pm

Yes, I bought tickets for the concert on the same night as the crochet class that I signed up for with my mother. I'm such an idiot! If it had been just me, I would have blown off the first night of class. But no, I've committed my Tuesday nights for the next four weeks to Mom. This is not the kind of bone-headed thing that I might normally do. But of course, I really had no choice but to skip the concert. Since everything was going to charity, it really didn't care about being out out the money for the tickets, but I felt bad that potentially these tickets for what promised to be a really great show might go to waste.

Fortunately, I was able to sell the tickets to someone in my office who is also a big Buffett fan and would really appreciate the line up and she's taking along a friend of her's who's been unemployed for a while now. (Jennifer's such a good person!)

And... as it turns out, they put this concert on Pay-Per-View tonight (again, proceeds going to charity), so I was able to start the VCR before I left for the class and I got home a half hour before Jimmy came on and did a 40 minute set! My sister even made me a giant 16 oz. margarita! (I think she felt really sorry for me when I was running around the house yelling "where's the tequila? I can't find the tequila! Don't tell me we're out of tequila!!!".) We even got my mother to do the fins thing (fins up; fins to the left, fins to the right, left--right--left--right). So, I think that in the end, it was an evening of good Karma everyone!

Oh, and about that crochet class... I'll tell you about it in my next post. For now let's just say that I just couldn't figure it out, but after tonight I should be able to finally finish this cute little baby sweater I made that needs a crochet trim to be finished.

And now for something completely different...

Must have been all that New Orleans' partying going on tonight!


Anonymous said...

That's too bad you missed the concert. And I can just hear you ranting about the tequila. Nice picture of the bear. How's Eyore?

Anonymous said...

and Jennifer (me) is still so grateful for those tickets, especially because you were nice enough to sell them at face value, though, knowing your love of Jimmy, I'm still sorry you had to forego the concert.