Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quick Weekend Update

I'm at the house on dial-up, so I can't upload any pictures for you (will do that tomorrow when I'm back on a high-speed connection). But here's just a few things.

  • We cancelled the Hildene event this weekend. Late Friday afternoon the program director for Hildene called Jim and told him that there was standing water (from the past week's torrential rains) on a portion of the lawn where we were going to camp--the portion that we needed to drive across to get to where we were camping--and that we needed to be really careful about not damaging the lawn. After getting off the phone with her Jim thought about the lawn situation, plus the forecast for some more rain this weekend. We've had vehicles get stuck in on lawn when it's been really wet, as well as tearing up some of the grass, and we decided that since we had low registration numbers for the event anyway, it might be best to cancel, rather than risk the damage. When we called Hildene, the program director said is was just a small puddle. Excuse me? I overheard her first conversation with Jim and that is not what she said to him at all! Regardless, we were cancelling. We were able to notify everyone who had registered for the event, who were disappointed but understood the situation.

    Well, last night several thunderstorms moved through the area dumping a ton a rain. Thank God we cancelled! Not only would our ground condition problems have increased, but with the kind of rain (and wind and hail) that occurred, we might have had tent damage from those storms. And there's more rain forecast for today! (It's very overcast right now.) Although we hated to have to cancel the event, it was definitely the right call given the circumstances.
  • Punkin has been pretty adamant that the Trekking socks I'm knitting for Jim were way too narrow, so I stopped working on them until I could do a fitting. Well, tried them on him last night and they're just fine. They make it over his heel and they're not too loose nor too snug. And he actually seems to like them! Yay!
  • I decided to split my ball of Ladybug yarn so that I can attempt to make them identical. We'll see how that goes.
  • Jim picked up his new truck, which replaces his flambe truck. He's outside playing with it now, cleaning it, looking at the compartments, dreaming of how he'll use everything. I'll post pix later.

OK, that's all for now. I really need a cup of tea so that I can wake up. Later!


Joanne a/k/a Punkin said...

Glad the socks fit! Not glad that I have bigger legs than a man.

Anonymous said...

hehehe his 'flambe truck' has me laughing. ;o)