Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'm a traveling gal... Part 1

From Friday, June 23rd through Tuesday, July 4th I was traipsing around the northeast and Midwest. Here are some of the highlights from the first part of this journey...

Friday night, June 23rd--Armed with lots of clothes (work, play, and reenacting), a laptop computer, cell phone, BlackBerry, and a bit of sock yarn, I journey north to my new home. Saturday was spent doing house stuff, since it had been nearly a month from my last visit. On Sunday Jim and I day tripped it to Troy, New York for a Civil War event with our reenacting unit.

That's my unit's gun, "Evelyn," being manned with the assistance of a Civil War Naval unit.

On the way home from Troy we stopped at Home Depot in Bennington, Vermont for a few items. Managed to spend only $72 this time. (Last time it was around $450.)

Monday brought more stuff around the house, followed by an afternoon flight out of Hartford to Chicago for a week of training. Two-hour flight delay (east coast weather), but I got to swatch for Jim's Trekking sock. Check into the Deerfield Hyatt, too pooped to do anything but go to sleep.

Tuesday, June 27th was spent in the office (because this was a business trip, after all) with two of my coworkers who also went on this trip. Dinner that night was at one of my favorite restaurants out there. Great meal, great dessert,

(it really was the Very Best Chocolate Cake) and our very entertaining waiter who did a chicken dance for us.

After we stuffed ourselves, we headed east towards Lake Michigan. Stopped at Glencoe Beach, touched the water (you always have to touch the water when you travel to another place) and took a whole bunch of pictures...

I thought of Sandy while looking at this gorgeous sky...

That's it for now. Next time... the second half of my trip.


Carole Knits said...

So that's why you never write anymore. Too busy touching the water in strange parts of the country. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Good things come from the Chicago area. ;)

BTW, why haven't I seen that soldier-sock-now-to-be-arm-sock in person yet? Proof positive that we're too jammed at work these days.