Friday, January 29, 2010

Eye Candy Friday -- the unbearable cuteness

Meet Lily, the newest resident at Chez Elizzabetty--the L.I. residence

Hi Peoples!

Elizzabetty can't come to the blog right now 'cause she's hyp-no-tized by my unbearable cuteness. (Yes, the cuteness is just the cross I have to bear.) I let her come back to you when I done making her play with me.

Later, chicas!


teabird said...

oh dear. now I'm hyp-no-tized too.

JessaLu said...

awww! Look at those ears! So cute!

Rosane said...

Uh oh! I guess we won't see her for a loooooong time, then, cutie.

aplourde said...

What a cute dog. I just joined the Chihuahua-mix group on Ravelry and found your blog from your rav page.
Your little girl looks like she could be my dogs twin.