Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This is a vacation?

I'm trying not to ask myself that question because this trip has been tiring--for both of us. Jim has been falling asleep pretty much the minute he lays down at night. I've been up until around midnight getting paperwork organized, downloading pictures off the camera, checking my work e-mail, etc. Not so much the elements of a vacation, eh?

Regardless, I'm going to try and focus on the fun aspects of this time off. After all, I am out of the office and nobody's called me with any emergencies (yet)!

This morning we left Philly and are now heading down to
Mount Vernon. We had two good days in Philly, although the weather was more like July than October. On our free afternoon we went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

We just had to do the obligatory Rocky picture.

Didn't see the Renoir exhibit, but instead concentrated on early American art. (This is a Revolutionary War tour, after all.) Look at these sculptures of a spinner and knitter!

And speaking of knitting, I'm making progress on the Wallaby. Bus time allows for good chunks of knitting time.

Geez, from that look on his face you'd think it had cooties!

Bottom ribbing is almost done. Yesterday I was wondering around the Brandywine Battlefield visitor's center with the ball of yarn in my bag while knitting. It really feels good to do some mindless knitting. I can't wait to get to the endless stockinette!

Oh well, time to get back to knitting. Later...

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Joanne a/k/a Punkin said...

Where's your comments on the Valley Yarn??? I'm curious.

Joan said...

How cool that you posted via blackberry! Can you actually find cell service in VT? LOL.

Love the cooties pic. Ha!~