Thursday, August 31, 2006

Alpacas and reenactments

OK, so you want to know what and have in common? Well, two weeks ago I attended the Battle of Bennington reenactment at Scare Cro Farm, which just happened to be one house away from Shaftsbury Alpacas! I've been wanting to stop by this place, but we never seem to have the time, and when we do they were always closed. But this year, I was able to sneak away from the event for an hour and got to meet Sandy and Johan Harder. They gave me a tour and introduced me to "their girls." Unfortunately, my camera battery died on me, but I did manage a few shots.

Here are the boys...

And here's one of the girls...

By the way, according to Sandy, the alpacas had absolutely no problem with all the gunfire and cannon shot going on at the reenactment. On the other hand, their rottweiler had some issues with it.

I got to visit the Alpaca Shack and, of course, bought some worsted weight alpaca yarn in a pretty baby blue (sorry, no picture yet) which will be an arm sock for Jim. And for future reference, they've got alpaca roving! Once I get a little spinning experience, I'm going to be back for the roving--and to see how Sandy, Johan, and the girls are doing.

Some other pictures from that weekend...

Here's Jim napping during a quiet moment.

And there was this really cute puppy...

And on Saturday here's what I spent most of my day doing.

Not exactly the work of the early colonists, is it.

But on Sunday, I got to do some of this!

Actual knitting content. It happens every now and then, ya know?

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